To Serenbe & Back

Sometime around the middle of last summer, I set out to do a 50 mile ride with some friends around roads I'd been riding for awhile. A combination of not eating enough (story of my life), pushing too hard at the beginning, and starting too late in the day led to me passing out on … Continue reading To Serenbe & Back

Ode to the Diva Cup

Alright, listen up. it's time to talk about a product that I've been so stoked on for a few months! It's a product that I've put off talking about because I kind of assumed that everyone who needed to know about it already knew about it. But a casual conversation with one of my lady … Continue reading Ode to the Diva Cup

Dirty Sheets

It's no secret that I hate riding on the road. I do just enough road riding to keep me fast on dirt. But, thanks to the Dirty Sheets loop, I'm able to get in a road-worthy workout without the monotony of road riding. About 30 minutes outside of the city lies miles and miles of … Continue reading Dirty Sheets

Cloudland Canyon

A few weeks ago, I set out to enjoy a trail in a different way, a much slower way. I found the perfect pair of secondhand hiking boots that I initially bought for muddy cross races or if the prospect of trail work ever presented itself, but instead, they inspired me to actually go on … Continue reading Cloudland Canyon

Book: A Woman’s Guide to the Wild

Despite growing up in the outdoors, I never really learned any outdoor skills. I grew up watching my dad and older brother set up camp, start fires, map out the trip, cook the food, etc. While I was super fortunate to grow up with an adventurous family, I never thought it important to develop any … Continue reading Book: A Woman’s Guide to the Wild

Current Gear Set Up

Within the last month, I've been working on building up my bikepacking set up. Granted, it's been a pretty easy task thanks to a mechanically minded husbands, friends who've been in the game for awhile, and rad online gear swap groups. I got some of my current gear as "starter gear" so I wasn't spending … Continue reading Current Gear Set Up