Current Gear Set Up

Within the last month, I’ve been working on building up my bikepacking set up. Granted, it’s been a pretty easy task thanks to a mechanically minded husbands, friends who’ve been in the game for awhile, and rad online gear swap groups.
I got some of my current gear as “starter gear” so I wasn’t spending a ton of money on stuff before I knew fully what I was getting myself into. Reviews are super helpful in the process of setting up, but some things you just aren’t sure what you’ll need until you’re actually out experiencing things for yourself.I’ll be working on doing full reviews for all of my current set up as I get more wear on them, but in the mean time, here’s a comprehensive list of all the things I’m using.Camping:
Sleeping pad: Nemo Astro Air Lite
Sleeping bag: Mountaintop Ultralight – this is a piece that I’ll probably upgrade eventually, but it’s perfect as a cheaper option if you’re camping in mild weather & aren’t ready to commit to a higher priced bag

On the bike:
Handlebar bag: Revelate Designs Sweetroll – mine is an older version that I bought second hand, but same idea
Seat bag: Revelate Designs Viscacha 
GPS: Lezyne Micro GPS
Pedals: Race Face Chester & Crank Brothers Candy 1

On my body:
Shorts: Mountain Khakis
Jersey: Specialized 
Gloves: HandUp


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