Book: A Woman’s Guide to the Wild

IMG_3589Despite growing up in the outdoors, I never really learned any outdoor skills. I grew up watching my dad and older brother set up camp, start fires, map out the trip, cook the food, etc. While I was super fortunate to grow up with an adventurous family, I never thought it important to develop any of those skills for myself.
Now that I’m working to immerse myself in as much outdoors as I can, I also feel as though I’m playing catch up.

Problem was, as I read through countless online articles, I kept stumbling across titles such as “Dudes’ Guide to Dude Stuff Outside.” Yeah, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much (and honestly, a pretty cool title…you’re welcome, dudes).
And sure, I could read those same articles and learn the material just the same, but it’s hard to focus when your eyes won’t stop rolling.
That’s when the Internet came to the rescue! A quick semi-sarcastic Facebook post, led me to a wonderful book recommendation.
A few clicks later and Ruby McConnell’s A Woman’s Guide to the Wild was on its way to me.


This book covers everything! The first couple of chapters cover how to properly dress for various outdoor activities and how to take care of lady matters. From there, it goes into starting fires, setting up camp, first aid training, identifying dangerous plants, and so much more.
It’s perfect for the true beginner or the lady who just needs some brushing up on their skills.

I’ve recommended this book to just about every woman who has expressed interest in wanting to get more involved in the outdoors. And, for a fun bonus, follow Ruby on Instagram! She’s always on some amazingly beautiful adventure. (and if you have a little lady in your life, Ruby is working on a Girls Guide to the Wild right now!!)


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