Dirty Sheets

It’s no secret that I hate riding on the road. I do just enough road riding to keep me fast on dirt. But, thanks to the Dirty Sheets loop, I’m able to get in a road-worthy workout without the monotony of road riding.

About 30 minutes outside of the city lies miles and miles of dreamy, country roads in Chattahooche Hills. Within those paved roads is a wonderful 20 mile gravel loop. Leaving and ending from Cochran Mill Park, only about 10% of your ride time is spent on paved roads, so bring your cross bike!

You will need to download the GPX file before heading out! There aren’t any markings along the route & it can get pretty confusing. My first time out, we made it through with writing the directions down on a napkin but, not highly recommended! If you’re heading out alone, this is definitely a route that I would feel completely confident doing by myself. Its quiet, low traffic, and you’re never far off of the beaten path.

The loop is relatively flat with less than 1,000ft of climbing over the 20 mile course. The last 3 miles are, to me, the most challenging. As you come back into the mountain bike park, there are a couple of sections with rutted out, steepish climbs that take some navigating.

If you’re training for cross, mountain biking, or just want a scenic route outside of the city, Dirty Sheets is for you!

Also, follow SORBA Atlanta on Instagram or Facebook. They often host a night group ride around the Dirty Sheets loop. I haven’t gotten to check one of these out yet, but riding the loop seems like it’d be amazing at night! Plus, the handful of folks I know who do the ride are all really rad so I imagine that it’s a really welcoming group.
If you’re wanting to jump right in, SORBA is hosting a gravel grind event May 6th to raise money for the group! You can find more about the event here.


**Note: Bring $5 cash to park at Cochran Mill Park!


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