To Serenbe & Back

Sometime around the middle of last summer, I set out to do a 50 mile ride with some friends around roads I’d been riding for awhile. A combination of not eating enough (story of my life), pushing too hard at the beginning, and starting too late in the day led to me passing out on the ground of a gas station around mile 42. This week, I set out to redeem myself.

Some of our really good friends own a local company called Toecutters. They specialize in long distance riding, finding perfect bike routes, and scoping out the best snack & picture opportunities. Naturally, when I decided to attempt a longer ride again, I went to them first.

Scott, one of the Toecutters, had recently completed an 80 mile route from Atlanta to Palmetto. I had my doubts but he promised limeade so I was down. I invited along three others for the sake of added accountability. 

We met at 9:30 Thursday morning. For it being late May, it was surprisingly cool with highs only reaching low 70s. We could not have asked for better riding weather! 

Wrongfully, I took my road bike out. What I anticipated as a road ride turned into miles of gravel, hopping fences, and climbing through forests. I had wished for my gravel tires almost instantly. The Toecutters are masters of #roadslikethese so I should have known what I was getting myself into. Luckily, we got through with only one flat & no crashes!

Around the halfway point, we stopped for lunch at Blue Eyed Daisy in Serenbe. After lunch, it was time to head back to the city. Thankfully, the route is a loop so my visions of climbing back up what was a 16% descent was quickly squashed. 

After an important stop at Chapman’s Drug for the limeade that got me on my bike to begin with, we finally saw the city sky line again. 

After almost exactly six hours on the bike, we were home! I had fully redeemed last summer’s bonk and had all of the fun doing it.

Picture from the Toecutters Facebook page

In short, if you’re around Atlanta and want to see the area in a whole new light, go sign up for a Toecutters ride right now. The pace is friendly to most skill levels, the route is perfectly catered to the safety and enjoyment of all riders, and the company is the best you’re gonna find! I don’t think I could have even mentally accomplished my first 80 mile day without them. 


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