Current Gear Set Up

Within the last month, I've been working on building up my bikepacking set up. Granted, it's been a pretty easy task thanks to a mechanically minded husbands, friends who've been in the game for awhile, and rad online gear swap groups. I got some of my current gear as "starter gear" so I wasn't spending … Continue reading Current Gear Set Up


Trail : Bull and Jake

As some might remember, my last attempt at a relatively long day on my mountain bike didn't go exactly as I had hoped. But eager to regain my reputation (even if just to myself), I was excited when Patrick mentioned planning a trip to Bull and Jake. When our planning began, we were set to … Continue reading Trail : Bull and Jake

Trail: Montana de Oro

Finding a worthy trail across the country can be challenging. When Patrick and I started planning our trip to California, countless hours were spent researching various trail systems. To our advantage, his family lives out there, so a quick call-to-action via Facebook resulted in countless options. Thanks to MTB Project by REI, we were able to … Continue reading Trail: Montana de Oro